Tips for submitting your manuscript. The moment has finally arrived! You have just completed the writing of your novel, and wish to realize your dream by publishing your book on the publisher’s account (no charge). The hard part starts, because you will have to submit your work to the publishing houses, which generally refuse 95% of the manuscripts (or “typewritten” if it is a computer version) that they receive. The reasons given are often preformatted and discouraging: “Your book does not correspond to our editorial line”, “this one can not fit into our collections”, “our publication program is complete”. Do not lose hope!
Publishers’ polite explanations about the rejection of your book often hide a flaw or flaws in its layout, formatting, or content. Do not make it a matter of pride and be humble, a publishing house never refuses a book for pleasure! It’s up to you to analyze why your book is not accepted and maybe it is better for you to find someone who can pay someone to do my assignment australia to check if you have complied with certain manuscript submission standards (see our summary in the next chapter). Remember that the work of a writer does not stop at writing his book, quite the opposite. A new stage, very tedious, begins when you have finished writing your manuscript. Reading, proofreading, corrections, fitness, structuring chapters … The completion of a book is a long-term task that you must perform before submitting your book.