Guitar riff-based writing / chord progression. When you take your guitar or sit on your piano, it’s often a riff or a chord progression that comes first. Which is a good thing! To do – dig it, expand it to grab it. This can really set the tone of the song and inspire you with all kinds of melodies and word ideas. On the other hand, a successful chord sequence is what fans will remember first when they listen to your song. Don’ts – rely only on this riff or this string of chords to the detriment of melody or lyrics. This is not the time to be lazy. A riff or a string of chords – in most musical genres – is only an arrangement and is not a song in itself. Without a strong melody and lyrics from essay writer plagiarism free, it is totally impossible to obtain a quality title. As I said at the beginning, there is no single way to write a song. I highly recommend trying all possible writing approaches. Often, as composers, we find ourselves in a dead-end in which we are engulfed again and again. This can be comforting, and even result in some productivity, in the long run, it may not result in the most inspired songs you could write. Why not leave your comfort zone and try another approach? You never know what can happen.